“I have resigned myself to understand that I belong to no one and everyone. I am not a person swimming in a vast ocean, but the ocean itself, as others swim in me.” —Jenn Satsune

Book worm : The monk who sold his ferrari

A wonderful and life changing book .If you are in a need of a change in your life ,then this is probably the book you would definitely  want to read .The story told by Robin Sharma is of great use if you wish to create more self discipline in your life and truly work on making your life filled with happy and enriching moment  .the storyline follows the hot shot lawyer Julian Mantel as he confronts himself when all of sudden he is struck by a heart attack in the middle of the courtroom .that moment is crucial in Julian s life ,as he decides to give up on the fast paced life that is only filled with materialistic riches ,and embarks on a journey to the Himalayan mountains  to find his happiness once again  .The time passed in the Himalayan mountains among the sages of Sivana did wonders for the once old and sick looking  lawyer who when returns looks more vital and youthful than ever .He shows up the door of his old friend John at the law firm ,who at first has trouble recognizing him  ,but once he is convinced that the young man in front of him was in fact his old friend who once looked like seventy although being fifty three .now dazzled with vitality ,strength and serenity .They together spend a night at John s house ,where Julian shared his wisdom with John on how to make the most of life and himself.

Here are the lessons that i have learnt from that amazing masterpiece ,that is readable in one single breath  :

  • Be aware of the quality of your thoughts ,as they determine the quality of your life – your mind is a garden that you must nurture and take care of kindly in order to flourish. You can achieve that by thinking positive thoughts even when you are in a situation that you think there is nothing positive .There always is positive in everything ,as it said the book in life there are no mistakes only lessons .try to see the beauty in everything ,as everything and everyone shines with a unique kind of beauty .and finally always visualize your desires ,what you want to be ,have ,attain ,as we are all familiar with the saying that are thought are powerful magnets ,that draw to us what we imagine.
  • Constantly improve and enrich you mind ,body and soul  –  always strive for improving yourself ,take time to walk in solitude in nature and appreciate every hum of the birds ,every ray of sunshine peeking through the trees ,the smell of grass ,just take time to feel the beauty .Read every day ,as reading is great for unwinding the brain and at the same time enriching it .Exercise ,exercise , exercise ….exercise every day it does not matter what ,find something that activates your body ,as exercising is great for unleashing extra energy and helps us feel and look better .Eat your fruits and veggies as they are short of chemicals  that poison  our body and can give us more energy and make us feel more healthy and alive . Simplify your life …life is not complicated ,we somehow manage to complicate it ,by always thinking that our life will be much simpler if we only had something  ,by always thinking if some of our needs were satisfied we would be capable of enjoying life ,while life passes by … so just simplify it . And finally  enjoy some good music ,music is capable of elevating our spirit and can put us in a very good mood ,and can someone actually thing negative thoughts while being in a good mood ,i honestly don t think so .
  • Respect your time  –  respect and value your time ,use it to your best advantage ,use it do what is on your list of your priorities and learn to say “NO” to people when they are trying to take  from that time of the day that you have planned for yourself .
  • Live with discipline – to do what you wanted to do ,when you wanted to do it ,or also to have a strong willpower .You can build a discipline by repeating one task at the same time for over three weeks .
  • Follow your purpose – always live your life with a set purpose ,that purpose should bring you long lasting fulfillment  .The purpose needs to be clearly set ,attached to a timeline and commit it  on paper ,always write down your goals so you can always keep track of them.
  • Serve others- simply practice daily acts of kindness ,as the quality of your life depends on the contribution you have made .
  • Embrace the present  –   live in the  NOW . 

If you wish to find out more ,i strongly recommend for you to read this book !!

The beginning

The day is 10th of February , the day i decided to take upon this adventure of blogging . Through out  my blog i will share bits and pieces of who i am ,what i like or dislike ,my thoughts on certain topics ,interesting articles ,but most of all useful tools for self improvement,as self improvement and living a more joyful and more fulfilled life was the main reason for creating this blog .

Hope you ll have fun and learn something new that will benefit your life positively !!